X-Men: Mister Sinister Is Dangerously Close to House of X's Darkest Future
Brandon Zachary
Mister Sinister Powers of X future
Mister Sinister Powers of X future
WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Hellions #14 from Marvel Comics, on sale now
Mister Sinister has been quietly working on Krakoa, doing things that his allies on the X-Men certainly would not approve of. Despite his overt promises to not cross any specific ethical lines, Sinister has quietly been doing exactly what he's been told not to do. He's come up with his own secret labs -- stolen from Arcade with the help of Mastermind and the unwitting Hellions -- as well as established his plans to manipulate the DNA of various mutants to his own ends.
Now, it appears as if his plans are moving closer to fruition. Hellions #14 by Zeb Wells, Rogê Antônio, Rain Beredo, and VC's Ariana Maher confirms that Sinister is at work on the earliest versions of Chimera Mutants, which could spell doom for Krakoa and the X-Men.
Sinister's machinations have seen him collect the DNA of many of Earth's most powerful mutants. This drive is also what prompted him to venture into Amenth during the events of X of Swords, seeking out impressive new DNA to play with. Although his mission was a success, the variant of Sinister who made the journey was left behind to be experimented on and tortured by Tarn. Returning to Krakoa with Tarn's forces, the Locus Vile, this Sinister aggressively attacks the Sinister still on Krakoa -- in the process revealing just how gruesomely Sinister had betrayed the Hellions to gain that DNA.
Distracting Tarn and the Locus Vile with a slew of Sinister clones, the Prime-Sinister tries to escape. When the Amenth-demented clone of him asks what Sinister could possibly be working on that would calm his rage, Sinister casually reveals that he's been working on Chimeras. The Amenth-Sinister quickly drops his aggression and instead follows Prime-Sinister through a Gate specifically keyed to Sinister DNA -- leaving the Hellions and the scores of Sinister Clones to keep Tarn and his Locus Vile busy. Psylocke is the only one truly aware of where he's going -- but due to her daughter's mind being trapped in Sinister's lab, there's nothing she can do to stop him. However, Psylocke may not realize though just how dangerous Sinister's plans really are in the long term.
Chimeras were introduced during Powers of X by Jonathan Hickman and R.B. Silva. Chimeras were revealed to be a creation in one of Moira MacTaggert's many lives. Chimeras were mutants genetically engineered and altered by Sinister to mesh various powerful abilities together. As the war between humanity and mutants became more vicious, the mutant nations turned to Sinister to give them an army. This led to the second generation of Chimeras, which combined the genetic templates of up to five different mutants into a single new avatar. These lab-created mutants quickly proved powerful enough to hold the line for decades. However, the third generation of Chimeras was designed with an inherent flaw: to build a hive-mind that effectively served as a psychic time bomb, the detonation of which wiped out Krakoa.
Chimeras have remained one of the most dangerous portents of things to come in the Krakoa-era, hinting towards one of the futures Moira sacrificed herself to try and prevent. Bishop pitched a similar concept, and it's clear that Sinister is on the path towards creating these hybrid mutants. Given his tendency to betray anyone foolish enough to trust him, it's even likely that he's even planning for the eventual detonation of a generation of Chimeras. Hopefully, at least one of the Hellions is able to reveal the truth to the rest of Krakoa and give the X-Men a chance to prevent possibly one of their darkest potential endings.