X-Men: Whatever Happened to Shard, Bishop's Sister?
Scoot Allan
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bishop shard xmen
After the time-lost mutant known as Bishop arrived in the present-day timeline and began working with the X-Men, he quickly became one of the decade's most popular new additions to the team, which led to the introduction of his younger sister from the future, Shard. Shard sought to find her own path in the present-day and worked alongside X-Factor until her tragic death in the future.
Fans have been wondering about the absence of Bishop's sister on the new mutant island, considering the new resurrection protocols that continue to bring formerly deceased mutants to life. While there are still quite a few mutants who are left to be reborn on Krakoa, Shard's particular case may cause some issues that are preventing her resurrection, but to truly understand why, fans have to look back into the history of Bishop's sister Shard, where she comes from, what she managed to accomplish while she was here, and how she died (twice) to get to the bottom of why Shard may not have appeared on Krakoa yet.
Bishop and Shard were born and raised 80 years in the future where mutants were identified and imprisoned inside concentration camps, though the two siblings, whose parents were killed during the Summers Rebellion of the future, weren't entirely alone in the camp.
After hearing about their story, an older woman with familiar white hair transferred to Bishop and Shard's camp and began to take care of them as their grandmother. Bishop's grandmother (heavily implied to be an elderly Storm) told Bishop tales of the X-Men, and Bishop promised to always look after his sister Shard when they were forced to live alone on the streets after her death.
When they were attacked by an extremist human gang and Bishop's mutant powers were activated, his determination to save his sister soon brought him to the attention of the X.S.E. (Xavier's Security Enforcers,) and he made sure Shard would be able to come with him.
The X.S.E. was a military organization made up of mutants that were based on the ideals of Professor Xavier and his X-Men, and while Bishop quickly made a name for himself in the organization, it was Shard who began to impress her superiors, and she became the youngest commanding officer in the history of the X.S.E. Unfortunately, her brother had made an enemy in former X.S.E. trainee Trevor Fitzroy, who tried to lure Bishop into a nest full of vampiric creatures known as Emplates, though it was Shard who stumbled into the ambush instead.
Shard was infected by the Emplates, which would have earned her an automatic death sentence from the X.S.E., however, Bishop made a deal with the Witness to transfer Shard's consciousness and memories into a holographic matrix. The matrix was built into a bracer on Bishop's uniform, and there she remained when Bishop followed Trevor Fitzroy back in time, trapping himself in the present day with the X-Men, though the holographic matrix was damaged.
Bishop was able to get the matrix repaired and improved with the help of the X-Men's Forge, a mutant maker with a talent for tech, and Shard was returned to her brother in holographic form. Shard's unique abilities to transmute light into concussive energy allowed her mutant powers to still work while in her holographic form, though she was now able to phase her molecules to become intangible as well.
Shard was given a new lease on life after her holographic matrix was stolen by a government agency hoping to mine secrets from the future, though their experiments resulted in Shard's holographic form becoming independent from the projector as a new kind of photonic lifeform.
This change in her physiology allowed her to officially join with Forge's X-Factor team, as she was hoping to make a name for herself outside of her brother's shadow with the X-Men.
Unfortunately, Shard was then taken captive by Trevor Fitzroy, who had escaped far into the future to become a despot known as the Chronomancer. Fitzroy attempted to manipulate Shard into joining with him by returning her to her physical body, though he kept her imprisoned and used her to torment Bishop, who he had also pulled into the far future during the events of Bishop: The Last X-Man.
However, Shard was able to escape from Fitzroy's imprisonment by cutting her arm off to free herself from shackles, and in the final battle between Bishop and Fitzroy, Shard turned herself into energy and allowed Bishop to absorb and rechannel her. Unfortunately, the blast missed and was lost in one of Fitzroy's portals, and the last of Shard's energy was lost in the timestream.
While some of the lost X-Men are being reborn on Krakoa thanks to The Five, Shard may remain lost to the present-day X-Men, as she is not meant to be born for another 80 years, and there is a slim possibility that her energy is still out there, somewhere, waiting to come back home once again to her big brother Bishop.