Yashahime: The Past Catches Up to Moroha Thanks to Her Parents
C. M. Ramsburg
Inuyasha and Kagome in Yashahime
Inuyasha and Kagome in Yashahime
WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 34 of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, "Battle on the New Moon, Part 1," now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Animelab, and Hulu.
In the latest episode of Yashahime, the original cast of Inuyasha returns in an action-packed flashback battle against the Full Moon Raccoon Dog. When Moroha teams up with Hachiemon and Takechiyo to help them reseal the villain, she discovers that her parents' past is now her current responsibility.
With the coming-of-age ceremony for Kikunosuke just on the horizon, Moroha fights against the clock to reseal the Full Moon Raccoon Dog before the young lord becomes the new leader of the Raccoon-Dog Demon Tribe. Known for being easily controlled and manipulated, Kikunosuke becomes the Head Elder Shogen Mamiana's puppet despite him being greedy and tyrannical. The raccoon dog demons reluctantly listen to Shogen and are forced to pay his absurd taxes out of fear. Since Shogen can still harness the power of the Full Moon Raccoon Dog, Kikunosuke's rise to power threatens the whole Raccoon-Dog Demon Tribe.
Wanting to stop Shogen while he's vulnerable, the trio hatches a plan to attack during the new moon -- when the moon's power won't be able to enhance Shogen's abilities. While hiding out in a cave and preparing for battle by building hang gliders, Moroha questions how her parents successfully sealed the Full Moon Raccoon Dog the first time. Hachiemon agrees to tell Moroha and Takechiyo the story of how Inuyasha defeated Shogen and Kagome's impressive spiritual power sealed away the Full Moon Raccoon Dog.
Over a decade ago, Hachiemon was the assistant head elder of the Mamidaira Clan but soon left to travel with Monk Miroku when he was young. When the traveling duo visited the clan for a funeral of their previous leader, Shogen suddenly claims control of the clan during a full moon by manifesting the power of the Full Moon Raccoon Dog. After Kagome and Sango show up, Shogen declares the clan's taxes will be significantly raised and kills those who try to oppose him. With perfect timing, Inuyasha crashes through the ceiling and lands in front of Kagome, Sango and Miroku to challenge Shogen. Sango proceeds to attack him with Hiraikotsu while Inuyasha uses his signature Wind Scar, which scars Shogen's face.
Meanwhile, Miroku tries to attack the demonic and powerful spirit of the Full Moon Raccoon Dog before it runs away. Kagome and Hachiemon pursue the fleeing spirit to seal him away, but Hachiemon asks Kagome not to purify him because the Full Moon Raccoon Dog is a guardian spirit for the clan. Kagome perfectly aims and fires her Arrow of Sealing above the Full Moon Raccoon Dog, which successfully seals him away in a picture frame.
Kagome and Miroku work together to build a stronger seal to bind him within a cave, which later breaks during a powerful storm that allows Shogen to free the Full Moon Raccoon Dog and take control of the Mamidaira Clan. Since Takechiyo is the rightful heir to lead the clan, Shogen tried to kill him as a young boy -- however, he was saved by Hachiemon and Miroku before being taken to live with the Corpse Dealer for protection.
Now in Yashahime, Moroha is immediately branded an enemy of the Raccoon-Dog Demon Tribe because of these catalyzing events from over a decade ago. Since her parents are no longer around, Moroha must fight their battles for them and finish what they started. As she arrives on Maihmara Island during the new moon, Yashahime fans will have to tune in next week to see the fate of the Raccoon-Dog Demon Tribe in "Battle on the New Moon, Part 2."